Block Builder

Block Builder is a Concrete5 addon that lets you easily create your own custom blocks (with one optional set of repeatable entries).


Min. Concrete5 version:

PHP 5.5.9+ (PHP7+ is recommended)


Concrete5 Marketplace:


If you are looking for version suited for Concrete5.7, check Block Builder Legacy. It has almost the same functionality but uses pre-8.0 code/api.


This addon is made for developers. It allows you to quickly create skeleton for your block, but you still need to manually add some custom css/html code in view.php.

  • Build custom Concrete5 blocks in your dashboard using user-friendly interface
  • Generated blocks can have up to 2 tabs:
    • Basic information (non-repeatable fields)
    • Repeatable entries (one set of repeatable fields)
  • Multiple field types available:
    • Text field
    • Textarea
    • WYSIWYG Editor
    • Select field
    • Link with Type Selection
    • Link from Sitemap
    • Link from File Manager
    • External Link
    • Image
    • HTML Editor
    • Date Picker
  • You can create blocks based on configuration of previously created blocks